The National Works Officers Association (NWOA) was formed on the 15th September 1999 as a result of State affiliated associations recognising the value of National Networking opportunities for members.  The NWOA offers the opportunity for Corporate Members to sponsor events, such as meetings, conferences etc, and provide the latest information and technology to a wide cross section of the Local Government community.

The National Works Officers Association consists of the following affiliated associations;

            • Municipal Works Officers Association (Victoria)
              The Municipal Works Officers Association of Victoria’s history can be traced back to the formation of the “Overseer’s Association” in 1936. The association operates as a corporate business with seven regions throughout Victoria with General and Corporate membership exceeding 550
              Postal Address PO Box 1254 Geelong Vic 3220
              ABN 602 8655 0760
              Tasmanian Association Municipal Supervisors
              TAMS were formed in 1988 to provide a central organization of Supervisors associated with Local Government in Tasmania. TAMS encourages meeting participation, attendance to the National Works & Engineering Conference by providing sponsorship for a member to attend under the application criteria
              Works Officers Association Queensland
              WOAQ was formed in February 2000 on the Gold Coast and currently has General and Corporate membership exceeding 150.


              Postal Address PO Box 1254 Geelong Vic 3220
              ABN 25 230 952 915
              Local Government Supervisors Association - Western Australia
              The Local Government Supervisors Association WA goes back to October 1989 when the first steering committee was formed with a view to establishing a networking tool and for the development of Supervisory Officers in the State of Western Australia. The inaugural election was held in August 1989

              Postal address: PO Box 1410 BIBRA LAKE DC WA 6965
              ABN: 85 632 532 544

              Local Government Supervisors Association NSW Sydney Metro
              The LGSA NSW had its first inaugural meeting sometime in the late nineteen seventies. Some of the names involved in the formation are: Peter Stone (inaugural chairperson) Terry Duckmanton (Secretary, deceased) Mark Woods (Treasurer). Barry Kimber (Life Member) has been involved at the highest level for many years with the aim of developing opportunities for members to network and improve communication while looking at improved courses for career’s etc

              Postal Address PO Box 1254 Geelong Vic 3220

The objectives of the National Works Officers Association are to promote the general advancement of professional skills, provide a range of information services to all State members, including a National Magazine “ACCESS”.

The affiliated associations pride themselves in delivering a quality service in their respective states, and working with the national body provides a wealth of knowledge and opportunities through networking, study awards, interstate exchanges, publications in ACCESS, and meeting forums around Australia.

If you have an interest, pleespective state web site, or give me a call and I will personally assist you for a satisfactory outcome.

Stephen M Robertson