Corporate Membership

The NWOA plays an important supportive role to all of its members and Corporate Sponsors in providing a forum for professional networking and the exchange of information.

The MWOA prides itself on delivering Value for Money in the following ways;

Our members work in or supply to Local Government thus making it possible to market into the sector in various ways, i.e., communication through meetings, ACCESS magazine, inserts, syllabus, seminars, conferences etc.

The MWOA also deal direct with peak bodies, i.e., Institute Public Works Engineering Australia, Civil Contractors Federation, Worksafe Victoria, Vic Roads etc.

We provide, where possible, opportunities for presentations by our Corporate Sponsors at General Meetings, Seminars, or Conferences.

We can provide contact through the web with a link to company’s web sites, &are currently looking at other opportunities to promote companiesthrough this electronic system. 

Platinum sponsors have their logos displayed on our website.

The ACCESS magazine has a distribution list of 1200 in Australia, which includes CEO’s etc.  Advertising benefits vary depending on category etc.For our Gold we offer Case Studies & Editorials free of charge & does not impede on the allocation of three (3) full A4 pages of advertising


The use of the NWOA logo is available & does in some ways give credibility to the company as a Corporate Sponsor.

Networking Oppotunities

This is an option for companies to use to assist in the process of identifying the correct person to call where there may be a multiple number of members.The representative can also request if the MWOA can organise a meeting with a certain individual or a group from the same council to meet with or do a presentation to.