The Municipal Works Officers Association (MWOA) is an incorporated body that has been structured to provide members with a forum for professional networking and fellowship, as well as opportunities for the exchange of ideas, information and technology. The MWOA history can be traced back to the formation of the “Oversees Association” in 1936.

The MWOA has seven branches throughout Victoria including, Ballarat, Gippsland, Melbourne, North East, South Western, Wimmera Mallee and Central.

The MWOA is proud to be affiliated with the National Works Officers Association (NWOA) and work with Local Government Supervisors Association WA, Tasmanian Association of Municipal Supervisors, Works Officers Association Qld and the Local Government Supervisors Association NSW.

We work in a unique industry, with a broad range of activities and responsibilities and the MWOA acts as an agency for the membership and Corporate Sponsors. Take advantage of your membership benefits, give me a call and maximize you associations networking capabilities.

Stephen M Robertson

O418 144 460
PO Box 1254 Geelong Vic 3220